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AIRfeet® M.A.P.™ SURFACE PROTECTOR - 2oz Spray

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No more Stink! AirFeet M.A.P.™ is an earth element (No Toxic Chemicals) Medical Antimicrobial Protectant that molecularly bonds to, and protects a surface. M.A.P. should be applied to new surfaces in order to gain maximum performance. Creating an odor and bacteria fighting barrier for extended periods of time. Targeting Odors by combatting Mold, Mildew, Fungi and Viral Bacterias such as MRSA/Staph, ( M.A.P. is the only sensible approach for treating Gym Bags and Equipment, Footwear, Sports clothing and Protective items, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Personal Items, High touch traffic items. M.A.P.™ is the perfect solution for treating nasty smelly footwear worn to school or work each day.

Also perfect for traveling: protect yourself against germs used in public areas such as hotel rooms, airplanes, shopping trolleys, door handles, telephones, computer keyboards, bathrooms and many more.

  • Patented formula and not available in stores.
  • Best if used in conjunction with Leather or Lavender Odor Eliminator.
  • Excellent Odor Neutralizing and Fighting Properties
  • Accepted in Hospitals and Professional Athletic Locker Rooms & Equipment
  • Convenient 2oz travel size (airport security compatible)
  • Non Toxic - Safe on Skin and around pets
  • Earth Element
  • Extended Treatment Life
  • Unscented
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