Medical Benefits

“The anatomical and physiological design work to create a massaging flow over the foot increasing oxygenation, venous return, lymphatic flow and reducing physical fatigue”  Dr Rob Schroeder. 

Multi-patented AIRfeet® Therapeutic Insoles work by stimulating the muscles under the foot and promoting circulation deep into the toes – critical to those living and coping with Neuropathy. This increase in circulation provides a natural healing approach while soothing damaged nerves and stimulating muscles. Life-enhancing results can occur in just a few days. AIRfeet are actually the first ever insole to have had an editorial written in Diabetes Health Magazine.

Plantar Fasciitis requires constant massaging under the foot. Joint Pain is less painful if the pounding of each step can be reduced. Circulation is critical to transporting nutrients within our body. Flat Feet can be painful so a gentle approach to lifting and soothing the muscles is far more inviting,  These are just a few of the reasons we created AIRfeet®.

The AIRfeet DYNAMIC Active Motion technology-driven design focuses on Balance, Muscle Therapy and Circulatory Stimulation. Customers who use AIRfeet  report impressive improvements in comfort and pain management.

AIRfeet success with combatting Plantar Fasciitis is astonishing. The natural dynamic motion equates to a constant massage under the foot. This means you receive therapeutic relief every time you walk or even shift your balance.

AIRfeet® assist with Joint Pain by helping to reduce the impact of each step. Instead of trying to expend the impacting energy out of the shoe, it is dispersed with our DYNAMIC Active Motion technology from the heel to the ball of the foot and back, in microseconds. For individuals recovering from some type of lower body injury, Circulation is a critical component of that healing process. An inflamed knee, sore ankle, painful lower back or legs, the greater the circulation the more improved the recovery.

Flat Feet is a prime focus for AIRfeet®. We gently lift, but more importantly massage those foot muscles providing a soothing sense of relief to the discomfort you feel.

The DYNAMIC AIRfeet designs use our Active Motion Technology™. Targeting not only foot related issues, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

The Dynamic Active Motion Technology™ enables the insole to disperse the impacting energy from a heel, and then move rapidly across the arch ready to repeat the force of the impacting ball of the foot.

AIRfeet – DYNAMIC products for DYNAMIC results. We don’t claim to be a miracle cure, we just believe in common sense thinking.