Frequently Asked Questions

Our Active Arch Support Technology is DYNAMIC in design and used exclusively in all AIRfeet insoles. Behind this engineered technology is the design of the insole itself.

Not really. Read all the instructions and just take your time. BE PATIENT as it can take a couple of weeks to fully adjust.

Hand or Gentle machine wash on delicate cycle either cold or warm with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Let them AIR DRY ONLY!

Good Question. We have customers who have had them for years. Each pair comes with a warranty period and if there are still questions or issues, TEXT us 317-965-5212

Although this is a rare situation, unfortunately it can happen. Sometimes due to manufacturing defects there are errors within products and yes even the Highest of Quality AIRfeet insoles can suffer from a flat!

However we ask you to the following test before you send your insoles back.

All of these simple tests will provide you with a suitable answer.

  • Remove both insoles and place them on a flat surface. Place your hand flat on each insole and rock them from palm to finger tips. 

If your insoles fail this test please contact us at

Our sizing is based on your actual shoe size. Use the chart below to determine your size:

Each size is trimmable to 1-2 sizes smaller. Order a larger size and trim smaller if in doubt.

If you purchase the wrong side just email us at and we will sort things out.

Certainly. Just place AIRfeet right on top of your Orthotic.

All AIRfeet are changing to AIR filled and are designated by an O2 after the name. IF the name does not have an O2 after it then the insole is Gel Filled.

If a leak is a concern then please select our O2 styles. The internal Gel media is non toxic and  FDA approved. Simply use some mild cleaning agent that does not damage your clothing or your footwear. Treat the little clean up just as you would if you were cleaning the footwear or clothing on a standard basis.

NOTE – Damage to shoes from any of the older Gel insoles is NOT covered by AIRfeet.

This is natural and the 20 muscles in each foot are getting a brand new exercise. We recommend removing the insoles for the remainder of the day and refer to the break in schedule that came inside the package. Be patient, as with any new muscular activity, it can take time to adjust.

It’s the BEST weird you’ll ever feel! Yes it may take as little as 15 minutes or up to 15 Days. Your feet have never felt this way or been massaged constantly like this before. Yes it will feel weird but the results are well worth it!

Break-In Schedule
Break-In Schedule

All of them! Only a few shoes maybe too tight so just slip them in and start enjoying them.

To use the Flip-Flop hole, simply cut along the dotted line from the outside edge to the existing hole, as shown in the image below.