Sports & Recovery

You look good, maybe even play good…now let’s get you feeling good.

You are participating in Dynamic forms of exercise, yet you use Static supporting products. We are constantly in search of how to feel and play better during a physical activity. Whether it be standing, walking, exercising or just living, we want to be at our highest PERFORMANCE level. There is not a single athletic activity today that without preparation & recovery are we able to perform at our best.

With everything we are doing to prepare ourselves, we are forgetting about the critical aspect of RECOVERY. It is how well we recover that allows us to start the cycle of preparation all over again. All of us can recall doing an exercise for the first time, and the agony our muscles went through those several days afterward.

In order to reduce the pain and get right back to it, we massaged muscles, rubbed ointments, used hot and cold packs, hot tubs, we did anything to recover. The more rapid the RECOVERY, the greater the level of PERFORMANCE.

With outstanding professional reviews, studies and endless life changing testimonials, give AIRfeet a shot at your activity. With multiple designs to choose from, you are certain feel a difference. And if you don’t then send them back. We will take care of you.

laboratory tested to ASTM F1614 for shock attenuation

The perfect Golf Training Aid

#1 Golf Training Aid Company Analysis & 2 PGA Best of Show Recognitions.

Two PGA Show “Best New Products” by Mr Short Game and Links Nation, as well as  #1 Training Aid Company in Golf  Orange Whip performing  an independent Technical Analysis, make AIRfeet a must for Golf.

Medically Recommended for Pickleball Players and Court Sports

Dr Rob Schroeder, medical professional to Professional Athletes describes some simple, yet important things to do before stepping onto the court.