The AIRfeet Story

Instant results. Just slip them in!

AIRfeet are categorized as exciting and dynamic under your feet. Interacting immediately with a person’s feet providing comfort, relief, performance and for many – life changing results. Our diverse manufacturing backgrounds inspired us to develop a dynamic, yet radically different solution that combined simplicity and practicality.

Launching AIRfeet in 2011 into Marathon and Running events, we were rapidly taken into the Safety & Ergonomic Industry, Health & Wellness, Sports, everyday living, and now 200+ Military Locations globally.

With numerous credible studies, editorials, pro athlete endorsements, and reviews from individuals across a broad range of lifestyles, we are excited to introduce our technology to you.

The AIRfeet Difference

We all have footwear collections designed to cover a wide range of lifestyle needs. Designs, function, fit or fashion simply won’t allow for an insole to be added. Until now!

Stop replacing and start enhancing. If you have an orthotic or aftermarket footbed, great, just slip AIRfeet right on top and begin experiencing an immediate difference.

One Pair to fit Every Pair!

Who We Serve

INDUSTRY – (Ergonomic Safety & Wellness) – We provide ergonomic/anti-fatigue relief for employees working on their feet all day. An intelligent replacement for hazardous rubber mats, AIRfeet is being sought out by numerous companies to reduce trips, slips and falls.

SPORTS – (Walking & High Impact) – With multiple positive reviews across a broad sports range and our recent best new product reviews at the 2022 PGA show, AIRfeet is earning credibility each day. High impact court sports such as Tennis, Pickleball & Basketball, along with Winter and Field sports like Skiing, Running, Soccer etc. are a continued area of success for AIRfeet.

MILITARY – We offer products for hiking, hunting, camping, winter sports enthusiasts; as well as members of the armed forces at 240+ Army & Airforce locations globally.

MEDICAL  – Being FSA/HSA eligible, we provide solutions to specific ailments, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Neuropathy, Foot-Ankle-Leg Pain and more.

DAILY LIVING Appealing to the everyday individual looking for comfort and relief, while wearing Casual, Business, Dress or Fashion footwear.