Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue

Reducing Risk

There is a direct connection between how we feel on our feet and how we focus on our job. Distractions due to pain, fatigue and exhaustion become a high risk for accidents. By simply reducing pain and fatigue, we can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. The result, happier employees, less days off, reduced claims and a higher efficiency workforce. Our ergonomic AIRfeet Insoles have the ability to reduce and often eliminate back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.

Whether you are standing at a work center, walking miles in a warehouse or crunching out heavy industry steps, the pain and fatigue relieving solution MUST be against the surface of the foot.

Dynamically engineered with multiple patents and a technology driven design focusing on Balance, Muscle Therapy and Circulatory Stimulation. The Active Gel Technology sensation under the foot is so radically different that first time customers have called it “weird”. In fact, we loved that description so much we decided to promote “It’s the best weird you’ll ever feel!” A true sentiment and hallmark of our innovation.

Try our Pilot Program in 10 to 20 of your team. CLICK HERE to see how we gather graphical data to prove AIRfeet help.

Improving Safety

The common mindset amongst those who are tasked with reducing fatigue and ergonomic related accidents within the workplace, is to introduce some form of a rubber ergo mat at work stations. Although they may feel nice and cushy, the problem is they are Static in design and are “under” the shoe!

If we are dealing with Sore Feet, Fatigued Legs, Painful Joints and Lower Back, how can something that is not directly touching our body possibly do us any good?

As the day wears on, Rubber mats become a safety hazard due to the raised edges causing the foot to trip.

If supposedly you have solved the problem with getting new Shoes how come the same problems aren’t going away?!

Promoting Wellness

Numerous studies exist on the web that describe in depth, the detrimental effects of standing and working all day on your feet. Especially on hard surfaces like concrete and tile.


Painful, tired feet have a disruptive effect on a demanding workday:

  • The long-term effects can accelerate joint pain and lower back claims with negative influences on productivity
  • Employees who are required to stand on concrete or hard surfaces are anxious for a pain reducing solution that is also cost effective.
  • ESD (Electrostatic Dissipation) Certified and Compliant to ASTM F2412 & ASTM F2413 (AirFeet ESD)
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-3-2006 (Calibration Laboratories and Measuring Equipment)