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Stretching Flex Band

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Get a FREE Exercise Band. All AIRfeet orders regardless of product, totaling $100+ (before taxes and shipping) will automatically receive a FREE reLive Exercise Band.

Dimensions: 20" x 5/8" (relaxed condition, +/- 1/2"),

Compact for travel, home, work or leisure activities. The multi-purpose reLive Band can be used literally anywhere.

This Exercise Band allows everyone to stretch before, during or after activities or simply at home. Maintain critical muscle and tendon flexibility and joint motion for enjoying life.

Excellent for upper and lower body stretching without putting any strain on other areas of the body.

Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Back. Use the exercise routines below for a quick 10 min exercise.

10min Resistor Strip Workout instructions for SENIORS

10min Resistor Strip Workout instructions

NOTE: Color may vary with Inventory.

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