AIRfeet® RELIEF O2 - Pickleball PROMO

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Endorsed and worn by numerous Senior Pro Pickleball Champions.

NOTE: This program requires a specific code to be used during the checkout process. It is for event organizers ONLY. If you are not registered tournament, and do not use the correct discount code, your purchase will be refunded to you.

Our AIRfeet insoles have a huge presence in the sport of pickleball. They truly change the player and how they feel from the ground up. Unlike all other insoles, AIRfeet provides dynamic support and moves with the player. AIRfeet® RELIEF O2 are our latest feather light massaging Insoles providing life changing results at a Super Thin 1-2mm. Multi Patented design made to fit all footwear. No need to remove existing footbed - just slip them right in. Maximum Relief for ALL daily activities and working environments. It’s the Best Weird you’ll ever feel!

Our customer feedback has shown excellent comfort & relief for

- Plantar Fasciitis, Circulation, Flat Feet, Neuropathy, Foot-Ankle-Lower Back & Hip Pain

• Relief & Comfort for all activities, working careers & footwear

• Standing, Walking, Working, Leisure Activities

. Orthotic compliment when placed on top

• Easy Snip & Unzip Size Trimming

• Removable and Reversible (reversible color may vary based on inventory)

• Massaging, Dynamic and Innovative Technology

• Easy Care Machine Washable - Soothing when Cooled !

• 6 month warranty

NOTE: Packaging may vary from retail sleeve to plastic sleeve

It’s the Best Weird you’ll ever feel!

    Medical Disclaimer. AIRfeet makes no medical claims and results are based on customer feedback. This product is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through print or digital or our website is for general information purposes only. If a medical emergency exists then please call 911
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