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Reflexology and AirFeet

This first person article is provided by Wayne Nelson of Redmond (WA) Reflexology, widely acclaimed as one of the top reflexologists in the country and an acknowledged expert in the field.

Reflexology For Healthy Feet And Good Health

In the fifteen years I’ve been a reflexologist, I’ve seen several hundred pairs of feet. Men, women and children have all bared their soles to me and I have provided one of the best known forms of comfort and relief for tired, sore and aching feet – reflexology. You can read more about what reflexology is and how it works by clicking on the link.

Because I am recognized as an authority in my field of expertise, I have been approached over the years to promote and advertise feet-related products on my website. And every time, I have politely declined because there has never been a product that could do what it said it could – until now.

I have been wearing AirFeet Insoles  in my shoes for over six months and it’s time to share this foot-relief secret with my clients and website visitors – because they are absolutely the best insoles I have ever experienced.

Let me provide a little bit of history and some empirical evidence so you can make up your own mind.

Like other companies, AirFeet approached me by email, an email that almost got sent to the trash. But I thought I would see what they had to say – and I’m glad I did! They said they had developed this great new insole and they wanted me, as a reflexologist to try out a pair and let them know if I would promote them on my website. My first thought was, “Here we go […]

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CHEERS to 2013!

From all of us at AirFeet – we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude for an amazing year (2012) 

We are truly thankful to all of our customers and everyone who has helped us “help others” relieve their pain! We look forward to 2013 with all it’s infinite possibilities for growth, both personally and professionally!

Cheers to 2013!!!!


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Sons of Anarchy Wear AirFeet

You never know who you are going to run into!! We were so surprised to see Tig and Juice from Sons of Anarchy. They tried on our insoles and LOVED them! Both of them are wearing our insoles in this photo with Sherri, our AirFeet staff member.Thanks guys for loving our insoles and allowing us to take a photo! We love your show!

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Covered Bridge Festival 2012

WOW!! What a GREAT Time we had this year at the Covered Bridge Festival. I must say last year was our first year there, and we had such a great response, we decided to do even more locations this year. What a blessing it was to be out there, sharing our patent pending insoles, and seeing people walk away from our booth feeling better!! That is exactly what makes us strive to succeed!  YOU! People with every day pain, from your feet, ankles, knees, legs, and lower back. Helping people feel better, and live better everyday.

Here’s what Cheryl G. said “Just got them today but so far I love how they feel – like a massage when you walk! My feet felt better as the day went on! So glad I found them.”

Thank YOU to everyone who came by and saw us at the Covered Bridge Festival!!! We will see you again next year.

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It’s Like Running on Air!

AirFeet has the pleasure of bringing athletes these wonderful testimonies. As many of you are health and fitness conscious, we want to share a couple of recent testimonies from our avid fans.

Next time you put your running or walking shoes on, consider AirFeet Insoles as a method of providing an increase in comfort and balance while eliminating pain and fatigue.

“As a long distance runner I have tried literally dozens of inserts or insoles over the years. I have never found one that will both provide the comfort and support that I need AND hold up for longer than a month or two. I am into my sixth month running in these now and I still love my AirFeet.” Jim S.

Hear what Bill has to say

“The thing I find amazing and why I will continue to use and recommend your product, is that after a race I no longer cramp up and my recovery time is cut in half. Thank you!

As so many have discovered already, you will want to try AirFeet Insoles for your next practice and race.

AirFeet Insoles goes Country: These Boots are made for Walking

AirFeet Insoles was a participating Sponsor at the 2012 Country Music Expo this weekend. No surprise to find that AirFeet™ Insoles and Boots are a match made in Heaven, (or is that Nashville). Hundreds of Country music fans of all ages, pulled off their boots and slipped in a pair of AirFeet insoles and immediately noticed the massaging, relaxing comfort provided by AirFeet™ Insoles patented pending technology. Wearing their new AirFeet™ for the first time we heard comments from “it really takes a load off” to my personal favorite from Justin Johnson of Danville Indiana, “now these Boots are made for Walking”. And after a quick tour of the Expo dance floor it appears the AirFeet Insoles and dancing a little Texas two-step, also go together quite nicely.

Heroes wear AirFeet too!

Hundreds of Heroes, in the form of FireFighters from throughout our United States and overseas, are standing easier this week thanks to the amazing comfort and relief of AirFeet insoles™. AirFeet participated in the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), in Indianapolis this past week, and had the pleasure of helping several hundred firemen, chiefs and instructors, in discovering the long lasting benefits of AirFeet.
Consider this: There is a direct relationship between a person’s ability to focus on the task at hand, and how they feel on their feet. Long hours on the job and distraction due to pain, discomfort and fatigue can prevent you from working at your best. And when it comes to crunch time, don’t we all want our Firemen at their very best?
AirFeet™: Proud to assist our Firemen heroes, and all the “heroes” in our lives!

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Welcome to the new and improved Airfeet Insoles website. You will find a new easy to use shopping cart making ordering simple and you can easliy add your details for your Airfeet Insoles warranty. You’ll find more information about where we’ll be and what we’re doing in the local community, so watch out for regular updates. We also have a new facebook fan page so please ‘like’ us if you like what we do. We’ll also be featuring customer case studies and testomonials, so if you have a great story to tell, please tell us.

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