AirFeet Insoles with our Active Flow Media Technology, are your complete answer to Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Lower Back pain. Our Patent Pending insoles target Pain, but also Fatigue and Discomfort along with increasing Comfort and Balance.

Use AirFeet insoles for standing, walking and running from athletics, business or leisure – whatever your footwear – sandals, shoes, flats, High Heels, Boots, Running shoes and more – AirFeet Insoles are for you!

AirFeet – “We didn’t invent insoles…..we just perfected them!”

Athletic Fatigue

Air Feet Insoles have been designed with our newly engineered seal locations allowing the Active Flow Media to travel not only along the complete length of the foot, but also across its width to reduce loading forces by up to 85%.

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Back Pain Relief

Air Feet Insoles allow the back to be aligned as the Active Flow Media travels under the feet to find areas of voids requiring support. It also relieves up to 85% of the impact of each step, greatly reducing stress on the lower back joints.

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Foot Pain

Common foot pain relief can come from simply creating a more comfortable footwear sensation. Air Feet Insoles will give you the comfort, support and relief, allowing you to wear even the most uncomfortable, but stylish shoes.

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